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fuck a damn duck 12-22-04 18:34
fuck a damn duck.
12-14-04 16:08
It was cold that day
That mournful Monday
A blanket of frost
Coated tightly around the ground
The sun did not shine
That mournful Monday
Out of respect it hid its face
The sky was covered in thick black clouds
That mournful Monday
And were lightly lined with ash
A slight breeze blew
That mournful Monday
And carried with it
A slight scent of death
It carried with it
His final breath
It was silent
That mournful Monday
All was still
It was deaf
The sounds of cars
And laughter
Weren’t heard
He could no longer hear them
He could no longer hear the sounds of friends
He could no longer hear the shouts of hate
He could no longer hear the wails of sorrow
Fire fell from a tree
That mournful Monday
And covered the ground
Covered the remains
It hid from the world
His pale skin
His dark hair
His once colored, but now blue, lips
And covered the luminous spheres that were his eyes
That now stared off into nothingness
When he was found
That mournful Monday
Asked why
Why did he do it?
What drove him to it?
Some were in disbelief
Even though the evidence was clear
Even though the blade was still in his hands
And forensics proved only his prints were on it
The earth stood stagnant
That mournful Monday
And all was silent and still

12-09-04 22:53
I'm glad you know. -_-''

uh- oh 12-03-04 04:10
bleh for being up all night hyped up on caffiene. and vomiting. But the latter was by choice. I have a problem.

I thought it would make me feel better. It did... for a couple hours, then I had to not only eat, but then do it again. I feel like I've abused myself. Advice, anyone? Anyone gone through this?

Is this actually bulemia? do I have an eatnig disorder? it's not like I do it all the time..
11-19-04 15:22
Why dos it say there are five posts on the Anon journal, yet there are replies to a sixth post?

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hello... 09-25-04 18:12
So, I know my tone of voice is probably going to scream through what I'm about to write, but just... you know.

I guess it wouldn't be nearly as bad if I wasn't so quiet about it. Damn us and our shamelessness. I guess I can't be angry. I would have done the exact same thing.

Okay, no I wouldn't but still.

Being sensitive about certain things can be a bitch. That's why you act cold and careless. It helps.


This was a waste of both yours and my time.
Guilty Pleasure 09-06-04 23:05
I secretly enjoyed reading about blahblahblah's discovery into his own homosexuality at the age of 14. I loved hearing about his brother's shemale anal sex fetish and about all the people who had sex on his bed.

I for one will miss the community he brought to his journal when he told us all to fuck off and that he didn't care whether we could see his journal or not, when we were just trying to point out that he had what seemed to be an error. No one even requested he fix it, just wanted to point it out for his own knowledge, but he showed us real community by cussing us out.
Cody 09-02-04 00:00
Cody smells like onions, I heard it on Oprah.
Love? What the heck!? 08-24-04 23:03
I overheard a conversation between my girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend.

He is concerned because he doesn't love his new girlfriend, and well, that concerns him for some reason because he claims to have loved my girlfriend when they were together. She never made such a claim to him, and told him during this conversation that she stuck with him despite never loving him. He had had a few drinks and yelled at her, and throughout the arguing he eventually said, "You could never fall in love with anyone!" to which she yelled back, "I already am!"

I can only assume she means me, and I'm scared. I don't love her, I don't know her well enough to love her. I've certainly told other girls that I liked less than her that I loved them, but I realize my folly in hindsight. She told me she'd never fallen in love with anyone, and that I didn't have to worry about her falling in love with me, but... well... I'm just scared.
keep me safe 07-09-04 12:45
i think to much about these things. and people seem to always think oddly of me for them. why should it matter? does it even involve you? if its just me and him, why do you care? it works for us. im not getting back at him, im moving on with me.
i think to much about these things.
at least he makes me feel safe. at least when im around him i can be who i want, and be as irrational and immature as i desire. all without him judging me.
so for you who judge me, who judge us, your wrong. and you should be.

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