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Confucious 05-02-10 02:34
I'm afraid to say 04-23-10 22:33
I'm afraid to say how desolate the idea of going home alone tonight sounds.

I wish I could say it, I want to learn how to say "I need you" in the times I really mean it.
04-15-10 02:20
i want to be with you forever, but i'm afraid things will end badly or you'll lose interest.
04-08-10 12:08
I don't think I'm physically capable of giving a shit about anything anymore.
i love you 03-20-10 09:52
but we're both happy with the lives we've chosen.
i don't want to disturb the love you already have.
i just wish i could tell you how much i've loved you all these years.

this will hurt for a long time.

I'm scared. 03-16-10 18:40
I've been having dark thoughts lately. Crying jags in public and seriously thinking about ending it. I need help.
Hmm 03-14-10 21:11
In the end, we all die alone.

True or false?
03-05-10 01:10
two steps forward six years back. wow.
sometimes... 03-04-10 04:34
sometimes i wish i could take it all back, do one big giant do-over. they say hindsight is 20-20 and that's for damn certain.

i feel bad being this kind of person that leeches off of the life of others.
I see my mistake now, it's just a little tragic in a way you won't know. Because lately I haven't felt very nice, maybe for a year or so, and lately I've realized just how much I need to fix my life and get out from this place.

I was crushed like ice. Because you took that truth off the plate and smashed it in my face. I've got to get out of this place.

I need to run.

The look on her face when I said "no, we're just roommates" doesn't stick with me at all. But I don't need to remember because I remember what it's like to feel your heart fall, to stall, look at the wall and leave.

It's a miracle how one transaction in a relationship can turn all the basic suppositions false.

But she never called me and seemed to avoid me the times I tried to call after it happened and she always tried to touch me every stupid excuse. It's real creepy.

So I've known how it would end.

I would have to lose a couple friends.
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