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02-18-11 11:11
I feel like I'm losing you again and I'm not ready for it.
Do you ever wake up and wonder how you came to be living the life you have? I look around and see crazy, backstabbing coworkers and manipulative bosses. I am stuck in a job that is going nowhere and my girl.. When I give her head, I think of how little she cares about me. I tell her I love her, she tells me that I am 'swell' and 'thank you' for polishing her off. How did I get here? How did I become a doormat? How did I lose myself? My confidence, my gusto, sometimes my ability to speak up.
A lesson learned 01-17-11 20:06
I used to not to find it a huge turn off if I had to act as a counselor for a partner.

Now I do.

Lesson learned: the value of friends and counselors, outside of romantic relationships.
Bravery 12-28-10 16:55
I wish I had the courage to just stand in front of you and tell you exactly how I feel.
12-26-10 14:59
I thought coming home would make things better and that I would eventually look forward to the holidays, but they've come and gone and nothing even remotely pleasant happened and I don't feel connected to my family at all.

I feel like my life is over already and there will never be anything to look forward to again. I'm barely in my 20's. Is this in any way normal?
Working on inversion.

Trying to fall in love.
Text message from girl 1:
"Sure. See ya soon."

Text message from girl 2:
"Sounds perfect. See you soon!"
With the encouragement of another store manager, I reported all my manager's shady activities to the corporate tipline.

We did the math; she's stealing upwards of $3,000-5,000 in wages a year.

If nothing comes to fruition, then I'll either transfer or quit (because seriously, how could you not get fired for that?)

Oh happy day? Here's hoping.
06-08-10 17:54
I really like my job. My coworkers and I get along great, and it's pretty easy for what I make. However...

The other day I wrote up my manager for completely fucking up our production.

The next day, she came in and threw it away.

I'm pretty sure she's going to try to fire me or make my life a living hell so I'll quit, something she's done to every person who's ever tried to keep her authority in check.

Fuck this.
Sock Drawer Stash 05-28-10 22:24
I'm out of town. My mom tells me that my dad has the tendency to go through other people's rooms looking for food (she hides unhealthy food from him). He even goes through people's dresser drawers. Upon hearing this, I remembered that my stash is in my sock drawer.

Shit. I hope he doesn't find it.
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