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Pretty sure I'm bi by anon

Definitely "bicurious." However it's at the point where it's stronger than curiosity.

Didn't expect to be in this position. No thoughts/feelings at all before two or so years ago, and def not due to suppression. Could it be a phase or is it for real?

Do I bother coming out? Close friends can know, no one else really needs to. Or?

Avatar fraz
05-08-12 17:37
why the hell not? worst case scenario, someone outs themselves as an asshole. then you get to no longer associate with that person. progress!
Avatar sara *
05-09-12 17:43
Have some tea.
Eh, I don't feel the need to tell my friends and family about my sexual urges, but if it becomes more a part of your life (ie considering same sex partner) maybe. But who really needs to know, and why? Not that there's anything to hide but maybe no need to broadcast at this point? Unless you're looking for support? I don't know.
Avatar fraz
05-10-12 08:55
Maybe I'm biased because I had a friend 'out' herself to me and I was such a dick about it. Wish I could go back and say literally anything else.
Avatar swift
05-12-12 12:44
a sum of his things
i agree with sara. as somone who has a far from traditional sex life i realized that the only person it really matters too is your partner.

if you want to explore, go for it! if it dosnt fit, no big deal. if you find the love of your life in a same sex partner, then it might be time to holler from the mountain tops as it were.

but wrap it up. mature enough to want to have fun, mature enough to be responsible.
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