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Along the previous lines... by anon

Is it at all sick and twisted that one of my feelings when I heard about the Clackamas Town Center shooting was jealousy for the victims?

I would much rather I had been shot, since I want to die anyway. It's unfair that those who actually want to live get their lives taken so early.

Also, I get suicide, but I'm not to the point where I get taking other people down with you. When I go, I want to be quiet, calm and alone.

Avatar prudence *
12-17-12 13:07
What do you need right now that someone can give you? $100 to help you make rent, a foot massage, a little flirtation, a ride to work in the mornings, Sunday dinners, words of love and encouragement from a family member, a hug? What small gesture would help, even just a little bit?
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